Press Reports

Artist gets new style
Painting sub-consciously gives Henry Mujunga peace of mind.
THE NEW VISION, 21st February 2003

Art at Nommo and Tulifanya Galleries inspires the soul.
THE NEW VISION, 29th November 2002

African Art at Tulifanya
THE MONITOR, 27th November 2002

Mukasa: African Art on a destroyed continent
THE EAST AFRICAN, 4-10th November 2002

Mukasa's Art is probing
THE NEW VISION, 25th October 2002

Galore for art lovers
THE MONITOR, 24th October 2002

Nsubuga's dreamworld
The young Eriya Nsubuga's 3-week exhibition is on at Tulifanya Gallery.
THE NEW VISION, 11th October 2002

Double delight for art lovers this weekend
Both Tulifanya Gallery and Raja Chambers will be
staging art exhibitions this weekend THE NEW
VISION, 5th April Friday 2002

Art talent projects African children's lives
THE NEW VISION, 15th March 2002

Pipe-worship art exhibition at Tulifanya Gallery
THE NEW VISION, 15th February 2002

Deep colours that arrest your eyes Discoveries: A young artists’ exhibition at Tulifanya Gallery
THE NEW VISION, 31st January 2002

A reflection of Sudanese Culture
Leading Sudanese artists El Tayib and H. Halfawi wind up their exhibition at Tulifanya Gallery
THE NEW VISION, 30th November 2001

Sudanese Art
THE NEW VISION, 23rd November 2001

Artist Mukasa back with new exhibition
THE NEW VISION, 19th October 2001

Kasule the passionate artist
THE NEW VISION, 13th July 2001

Sanaa: A designer rich in culture
THE NEW VISION, 29th June 2001

Art that is so physical
Stephen Kasumba at Tulifanya Gallery
THE NEW VISION, 18th May 2001

Kasumba speaks out through his canvases
THE NEW VISION, 4th June 2001

Art with love from Sudan
Hafiez and Almur inject their work with a vibrant, emotional intensity on canvas
THE NEW VISION, 15th April 2001

The enchanted, fractured universe of Sudanese art
The Sudanese experience as expressed through art is for the third time gracing Kampala, at
Tulifanya Gallery
THE EAST AFRICAN, 16th April 2001

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